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Minta  UT   USA   We LOVE the creches displays. We have come every year and tell everyone about them. Quick question for you...we cannot pull up any photos on the Creche photo list. Have the photos been uploaded? What am I missing to find them? I click on the link but we don't see a single photo. Thank you so much!
*****We should have them available this afternoon. Sorry for the delay.*****  
Kate  UT   USA   We have loved coming to Swiss Christmas for the past several years--the highlight being the Creche displays and musical presentations. It was our favorite event of the Christmas season. We were very disappointed last year that the creches were moved to the Homestead. It ruined the reverence and uplifting spirit to put it in a commercial setting. We are extremely disappointed to see it there again and don't plan on coming to Swiss Christmas in the future.
*****We're sorry to hear that, Kate. As this has always been a Boosters Celebration, we have been very grateful to the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints, and their donation of their building for 3 years in a row. The Homestead volunteered their location last year as well as this year, and we are also very grateful to them as the Stake Center was no longer available. We hope you will reconsider your decision, as the subject of the true celebration of Christmas hasn't changed. It's still about Christ, our Savior.*****  
Linda  UT   USA   I hated to see you change the locations until I saw the new places. I think you could have ALL the booths at the Wasatch County Events Center, along with the Gingerbread house display and you could even have the Nativity Display there too, you could have it in the entryway area,that way it would be quiet and beautiful and have the other parts in the arena area. Just a thought but I really do think the booths need to be together and there is plenty of space there.
***Since the Creche Display and Swiss Christmas are, both, sponsored by the Midway Boosters, we'd really like to keep it here in Midway. But thank you for the suggestion.  
Ty  UT   USA   Thank you for the nice exhibit. It was very kind of you to take a family picture of us. We are however not seeing our picture on the website. Did all of the "Friday" photos get loaded? We were there somewhere around 7pm.
*****Hello Ty, thanks for contacting us. Yes, all the photos have been loaded. I understand that there was some confusion when it came to giving out the photo number ID. If you were there at about 7 pm it would be towards the bottom half of the list. Sorry for the mis-information. Hopefully you can find it.  
sue  UT   USA   Thanks so much for all the fun we have at Midway! We love Swiss Days and Swiss Christmas. The Creche Exhibit is wonderful and all the booths are great. The only things we would like added are more authentic Swiss offerings. My heritage is also Swiss and we were initially drawn to Swiss Days in search of "Swiss-ness"! We have attended many years. We thank you! We see no mention of the Gingerbread House exhibits--We so look forward to that too. We have wanted to enter our own house we have built. Is that happenening this year also?? We hope so!
**Hi Sue: We will be adding "Swiss-ness" as we go and as funds permit. Thanks for your continued support. This year the Cottages for the Childrens event has decided to take their celebration to a different place and is no longer associated with Swiss Christmas or Midway. We were sorry to see them go. You will need to contact the WASATCH WAVE for more information.**  
Sheryl  Ut   USA   We loved the entire event. We will go again next year. My husband feel in love with the BIG picture of Christ with the blind man. Could you tell me the artist's name so I can find out more about him?
*** Hello, Sheryl. Thanks for joining us this year. His name is Jeffery Hein.  
Russ   UT   USA   Very much enjoyed the creche exhibit! Took youth from our church to see the many incredible artistic expressions. We all enjoyed the variety. Well done, well done. A huge thank you to all those who put in the time to set up the lighting and displays, they were beautifully laid out. Definitely a recommendation for family and friends.  
Vernon  FL   USA   Love the website, functionality & ease of use. A wave of nostalgia almost swept me away while perusing it. I taught at Wasatch High in early Ď60s and havenít been to Midway since the Olympics. Joined the Navy after leaving Wasatch county and retired in Florida. I miss the snow and the mountains, but love the sunshine, countless lakes, rivers & beaches in Florida. Still have many friends & family in the mountain west. Congratulations on the beautiful displays. Wish I could be there.  
Barbara  UT   USA   "I was directed to your website through an email from THE BARN. I want to compliment whoever put together the website for Midway Christmas. It is easy to navigate and absolutely beautiful. Any information that one would need is right at the click of the mouse, from addresses and times to lodging. The website has been well thought out. The revolving photographs have sold us on coming up this weekend to enjoy the festivities. Seldom does one have the chance to compliment the person(s) who does all the work behind the scenes. Thanks for a job well done."  
Judith  UT   USA   My friends and I come to Swiss Days each year and loved the big barn. Is it open all year or when is it open? We want to come up again.
*****Hi Judith, the business "All That Stuff in the Barn" is open year round. We're glad you enjoy our celebration. Hope to have you back again.  
Paulina  Utah   U.S.A.   It was a wonderful experience for my 4 yrs old son and me. Last year was our first time at Midway and I have to say this is the most beatiful place to be for Christmas time, is like a real dream,everything is so well decorated and with so much creativity that from now on, we will come back every year. With so many places where to go and wonderful Christmas exhibits to see.It is the best for the entire family. Enjoy!  
Daurene  UT   USA   Hi, I have to tell you how much I love this exhibit. My two friends and I go every year. But I heard some roomer that this might be the last Can you please let me know if this is true? Thanks to all the people who help this happen. Daurene
*****Hi Daurene: We're so glad that you have submitted a comment on our celebration and have enjoyed coming. We will continue to have our "Swiss Christmas" celebration always on the first weekend of December. No decisions have been made as to ALL of the exhibit, however. We hope you continue to join us in the future.  


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